Kartal Bending Industry

Flat Bending, Round Iron Bending, Box Profile Bending, NPL Bending, HEA Bending, HEB Bending, NPU Bending, NPI Bending, IPE Bending
Pipe Bending, Serpentine Bending, Cylinder Bending.

Leave Your Bending Works to Us...

Metal bending works in our industrial facility, we do exactly as you want.

100 %

Customer happiness.

10 .000+

Bending Project Delivery.

360 °

0° 'den - 360Bending Service to °.

5 .000.000+

per year 5 Over Million Tons of Bending Machining.

Why Kartal Bending?

100 With our nearly years of experience
we do all the work with care!

1945 We carry out all the twisting processes of our customers in our industrial facility with our experience dating back to.

In Bending Operations<br>Centuries of Experience

In Bending Operations
Centuries of Experience

In the bending <br>Expert Brand

In the bending
Expert Brand

  • Flat Bending
  • Round Iron Bending
  • Box Profile Bending
  • NPL Bending
  • HEA Bending
  • HEB Bending
  • NPU Bending
  • NPI Bending
  • IPE Bending
  • Pipe Bending
  • Serpentine Bending
  • Cylinder Bending
10 +

Export to Country

10We are pushing our borders by reaching more than 1,000 countries..

Kartal Bending Industry

In the bending 1 we are number!

We are the Leading Brand of Turkey and the World with Our Past Experience.

250 +

Shipping to City

10We have shipped to over 1,000 countries and hundreds of cities..

1000 +

Zorlu Big Project

1000More than ten challenging projects, we have completed the bending operations.

Sectors We Serve

A few of the projects and sectors we provide bending services.

  • City Projects

    City Projects

  • Road and Bridge Projects

    Road and Bridge Projects

  • Metal Industry

    Metal Industry

  • Architecture Projects

    Architecture Projects

  • Construction and Building

    Construction and Building

  • Roof, Terrace Systems

    Roof, Terrace Systems

  • Industrial Industry

    Industrial Industry

  • Storage and Silo

    Storage and Silo

  • Heating Systems

    Heating Systems

  • Cooling Systems

    Cooling Systems

  • Machinery Industry

    Machinery Industry

  • Special Projects

    Special Projects

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